Our short history


A few years ago, we built our first boat-- a tiny hydroplane called a Minimost. It has only a motor- and no electronics at all. But it is a great boat and lots of fun! This past year, we embarked on a more serious hydroplane project. A much bigger motor, but still having only minimal electronics. Most boats tend to have poor speedometers, and what's the use of having a hydroplane if you don't know your speed? We all have mobile phones and tablets. Out of that combination came the thought of using those devices and building a suite of really useful, but inexpensive apps for all boaters. When tuning your boat, reducing the time it takes to getting the boat to plane is really important. You need to be able to measure acceleration, and how the boat is sitting on the water. Mobile devices like the iPhone, have a wonderful set of sensors. So, we added the Holeshot Analyzer to our app to help us analyze at what speed our boat would get up to plane.

Our Philosophy


You want useful information- available to you out on the water and in broad daylight. You've got a phone or a tablet, and always have it with you. But you want more information. The thought of adding some new, expensive piece of gear onto your boat is not something you want to do because of the cost.  So you ask yourself "Isn't there an app for that?" Until now, the answer would have been no. And that's what drives us-- to make your smartphone be useful when you are boating.