Getting your boat ready for the summer is more than brushing off the cobwebs and swabbing the deck. A little preparation goes a long way in preventing any problems happening when out in the middle of the lake. Powerboatguy has compiled a basic checklist to get that boat ready for another fun summer of boating.

1.   Charge the battery
2.   Check your fuel filter
3.   Re-attach cooling hoses (if you took them out while winterizing your boat)
4.   Clean air cleaner
5.   Put frost plug back
6.   Close any water caulks
7.   Check fan belts
8.   Check Power steering fluid
9.   Check oil level
10. Check hydraulic level
11. If you have one, run tilt trim up and down a few times.
12. If you have “muffs”, attach them.
13. Start a small flow of water. Start your engine and run for 10-15 minutes to make sure its running well.
14. Once you get the boat int he water, remember to take it easy!! If you are on a variable lake level, there may be obstructions under the water that are not visible.
15. Finally, remember to PUT THE TRANSOM PLUG IN! 

(It goes without saying – If you are not accustomed to preparing your boat for seasons, be sure to bring your boat in to a reliable boat servicing center.)