So, a couple of weeks ago you were out on the lake and landed a couple of nice sized small mouth bass. Seemed like there were probably more out there where those came from. But exactly where? After a while some fishing spots seem to all look the same. And this can be made even worse by changing water levels, storm debris, and mother natures’ general mucking around.

But hey, your memory is perfect, so you head out to where you remember and, dang, where have those fish gone. Maybe it was down the shore a bit. No, in the next bay. We’ve all been there (or not!).

Now you can spend hundreds of dollars for some fancy fish-finder, or a buck on an app for your iPhone. FishermanGuy is an app that let’s you drop markers, or “Digital Buoys” on a map of your journey. You start the app up, select the ‘trips’ function and then press the record button. The app is now remembering your trip: course and speed and location. Along the way you can create a waypoint, or Digital Buoy, by just pressing anywhere on the screen for a second or two. The app drops a pin at your current location. Easy as that! As many digital buoys as you need. As many trips as you want.

We’re working on a free upgrade to this feature that will allow you to attach photos, videos, voice memos and text notes to the trip or any of the digital buoys. But in the meantime, if fishing season is drawing to a close where you are, get started with FishermanGuy today so next year you’ll know where that 7 pounder was.