AUSTIN, TEXAS, Oct. 25, 2015 – announces PowerboatGuy version 2.0, one app of a series of mobile apps for boating enthusiasts. PowerboatGuy gives you the functions to analyze and improve your boat’s performance.

Tom Davidson, President of Lakewiz explains, “We have improved Powerboat Guy to be able to add photos, videos, voice notes and text notes to any trip OR holeshot. While we were at it, we also added a beautful new user interface making the app even easier to use. PowerboatGuy helps you to record a fun boating afternoon wakesurfing, or simply go back to that great fishing spot you found.”

  • With this version, you can attach media notes (photos, videos, voice notes and text notes) to any holeshot, trip or waypoint giving you a complete history.
  • The Trip feature allows you to record waypoints on a map for location, date and time, speed and course.
  • The Holeshot function captures & dispays the measurements of the time elapsed, bow rise, acceleration and speed.
  • The Speed and Heading feature, unlike the notoriously inaccurate speedometers found on most boats, provides a GPS-based speedometer in large, easy-to-read in text.